Best Online Live Casino Bonuses

Here at, we understand how much of a struggle it can be to locate bonuses and promotions that are specifically tailored to those of us who prefer live dealer action. As such, we’ve decided to dedicate our time and efforts to hunting down the types of offers that are genuinely beneficial to like-minded players.

Throughout this page, you’ll not only discover the extensive list of live casino bonuses our experts have found but also information on what to look out for when choosing an offer and how to use it to great effect. So, if you’re looking to go head-to-head with the live dealers with a boosted bankroll, be sure to read on!

What Are Live Casino Bonuses?

When we talk about live casino bonuses, we’re referring to the type of offers that grant you the ability to play the best live casino games with extra cash with little to no restriction, as opposed to the general torrent of generic introductory offers.

All too often do sites advertise bonuses that seem to be appealing, only for us to later discover restrictive terms and conditions that either devalue the bonus or exclude live casino games entirely. So although these are often described as online live casino bonuses, they don’t always meet the necessary criteria or standards that we would expect.

In essence, though, a live casino bonus is something that grants you additional rewards, funds or perks for playing a specific genre of game – those which are live-streamed in real-time from either purpose-built studios around the world or dedicated environments within certain land-based casinos. They can offer a significant boost to your initial bankroll thus allowing you to either raise your stakes or play for longer, or provide additional sources of revenue via special cashback bonuses and in-game promotions.

Yes, you should still remain vigilant of their respective terms and conditions but that’s the case with any type of offer. As long as you take care to select the type of bonus that’s best suited to your style of play, there’s the very distinct possibility it could result in even more winnings coming your way.

Other Types Of Live Casino Bonuses

Although we’ve highlighted a vast number of live casino welcome bonuses throughout this page, it would be remiss of us not to call attention to the wide range of other bonuses available. Of course, bonuses that call for an initial deposit aren’t to everybody’s tastes and once you’ve claimed a site’s single-use introductory offer you may be looking for other ways to enhance your bankroll. So, below, we’ve outlined the most popular types of live casino bonuses, what they typically offer and how you claim them for yourself.

Standard Welcome Bonuses

Traditional welcome bonuses are the standard fare of most online casinos. Operators typically advertise an introductory package that often includes a deposit match bonus along with several free spins – but we’re not particularly interested in the latter, of course.

The deposit match bonus, however, can be of great interest. Plenty of sites offer a 100% match, if not more, on your first deposit, which can vastly increase your initial balance. The major issue though is that this type of bonus isn’t often studied to live casino play. Casinos may state that you can use the additional funds to enjoy what the live dealer section has to offer but the terms and conditions often restrict wagering contributions on these games. In some cases, they even exclude live casino games entirely.

Nevertheless, it’s always worth taking the time to analyze these bonuses; they may not be ideally suited to our preferences but they can sometimes be a great source of additional cash.

Dedicated Live Casino Bonuses

A dedicated live casino bonus is the ultimate type of offer for those of us who prefer live dealer action. Although they’re less common than general bonuses, they hold much greater value to true live casino players because they’re specifically geared towards live casino play.

With this type of offer, you’ll often find that each wager you place will contribute in full towards the attached wagering requirements, meaning converting your funds is a much simpler task. Also, you shouldn’t have to worry about game eligibility as all games in the live casino section should be included – there may be rare instances where this isn’t the case though, so always be sure to check the T&Cs beforehand.


Obviously, welcome bonuses are limited to new customers. So, if you’re an existing player who’s already claimed the single-use rewards you’ll need to find an alternative source of additional funds. Thankfully, many online casinos also run cashback bonuses that offer you returns based on a percentage of your net losses. What’s great though is that there’s often more than one way to claim this type of offer.

First, you’ll want to watch out for recurring promotions available at your chosen casino. You’ll traditionally need to opt-in during a specified timeframe to be eligible and your returns are often calculated based on a set percentage of your net losses. So, if you happen to have an unsuccessful session, the site will reimburse a portion of overall losses.

Alternatively, certain VIP programs offer cashback based on your level of play. In most cases, the higher your rank, the more cashback you’ll receive, and the money is usually credited on a certain schedule, whether it be weekly or monthly. This option is ideal for players who like to wager substantial amounts more frequently, as it provides something of a guaranteed safety net over the long run. 

In-Game Bonuses

What’s great about live casino play is that it occurs in real-time. That means providers and operators have the ability to run special promotions and bonuses at any given point – you could be playing a hand of live blackjack and all of a sudden notice of an in-game bonus could appear.

This type of offer adds an extra dimension to traditional live dealer gameplay. It may result in a timed cashback bonus, or game-specific offers that complement the standard gameplay – we’ll go into greater detail later.

One thing you do need to be aware of though is that in-game bonuses tend only to be available on branded and dedicated tables, not the standard ones most casual players take a seat at. They also tend to coincide with new game launches, so it’s always worth keeping up-to-date with the latest industry information.

Game-Specific Bonuses

As we’ve discussed, there are many ways to get your hands on extra cash to play with. Certain routes are geared towards deposits and wagering but others are tied to specific live casino games. If you’re the type of player who prefers a more tailored approach to live casino play, there may be greater value in claiming bonuses designed to meet your individual needs.

Live Blackjack

Thanks to its minimal house edge and quickfire gameplay, live blackjack is one of the most popular table games on the planet. What you might not be aware of, however, is that you can claim special live blackjack bonuses to augment your typical session.

Operators often partner with leading game developers to promote the launch of new games or studios. So, during these times you’ll come across special offers such as blackjack card cards, unlimited cashback and other similar bonuses on specially branded tables. Also, many top casinos also run forms of live tournaments that can net you vast rewards for climbing the leaderboards – the higher you rank at the end of the tournament, the more you tend to win.

Live Roulette

Similarly, there are plenty of live casino bonuses designed around live roulette play. Although they’re not necessarily as wide-ranging as those aimed towards live blackjack players, there are still several ways to earn extra cash whilst playing.

Again, you’ll want to look out for branded tables for the chance of real-time promotions such as cashback and red/black bonuses. Also, live casino tournaments are also a great source of enjoyment and reward if you’re competitively inclined.

Live Gameshows

Since bursting onto the scene, these host-driven and game show-inspired live titles have taken the live casino industry by storm. Their unique combination of live gaming elements and incredible special features offer unrivaled gameplay and immense payouts. As such, players are always looking for ways to play with extra funds.

Thankfully, it’s possible to extend your playtime on top picks like Crazy Time, Dream Catcher and Monopoly Live by making use of certain live casino bonuses. Due to the nature of these games though, you’ll rarely come across in-game promotions. Ideally, your best bets are to either claim dedicated live casino bonuses that offer 100% wagering contributions on live gameshows or look out for cashback bonuses to safeguard a portion of your balance.

What You Should Look For In A Live Casino Bonus

It’s always best to be prepared before committing to a certain live casino or bonus. By this, we mean understanding the specifics of what’s available and how it can be used is key to identifying sites that take live players seriously. As such, we’ve highlighted the most important factors to look out for below.

  • A good welcome offer with up-front wagering terms on bonuses: Of course, you always want to make the most out of your deposit but it’s also important that no restrictive terms impact the overall value of your bonus. Sites that clearly present these details are often much more reliable and tend to be better suited to true live casino players.
  • Strong selection of live promos: Live casinos are always looking to attract new players but you should always feel valued as an existing customer. That’s why a constant stream of recurring live promotions goes a long way to keeping players satisfied and coming back for more.
  • Tables from the best games studios/providers: You should never settle for anything other than the best. You’re putting your hard-earned cash on the table so the games, along with their dealers, must always be up to the highest of standards. Always be on the lookout for live casino products developed by top providers such as Evolution, Playtech and Pragmatic Play – this ensures a high-quality experience!
  • Amount of available live tables, variants, localized language and themed tables: Just because a casino offers live products it doesn’t mean they’re always suited to your needs. You may demand a more tailored experience via specific game variants or native-speaking dealers, so it’s always best to take a tour of the site’s live dealer portfolio before signing up.
  • Exclusive tables mean more prizes and you don’t have to wait for a seat: The standard offerings aren’t for everyone. If you’re amongst the live casino players who’re looking for instant play that comes with additional rewards you’ll want to ensure your chosen casino has a range of exclusive live dealer tables.
  • High Roller tables/VIP loyalty scheme: You can quickly gauge how well a casino treats dedicated live casino players by checking to see if it offers tables with greater stake limits and rewarding loyalty schemes.
  • Relevant bonuses and cash promos: It’s all well and good for a casino to offer various bonuses, but, as live casino players, we’re only really interested in those that complement our style of play. When selecting a site, you’ll want to make sure that the available offers and promotions are designed with our needs in mind – at the end of the day, what use are free spins to a live dealer player? 
  • Fast cashouts, easy banking & crypto compatible: You’re also going to want the ability to transfer funds in and out of your account with ease. It’s best to check a site’s payment methods and expected transaction times before diving in so you know how long it’ll take before your winnings are paid.

Live casino bonuses come in all shapes and sizes. Dedicated live dealer welcome bonuses are ideal if you’re looking to try out a new site, cashback offers are a great option if you’re looking to restrict your potential losses and special in-game promotions are a fantastic source of additional enjoyment and reward during regular play – all of which we have right here at

There’s a wide range of live blackjack bonuses to look out for. Special live casino tournaments provide you with the chance to win some fantastic prizes based on your position on the overall leaderboard. You should also watch out for special in-game promotions such as blackjack cash cards that can net you extra cash if you’re fortunate enough to receive certain cards. These are only a few examples though, so be sure to regularly check your casino’s promotions page.

In-game bonuses – The most exciting blackjack games will have bonus cards and other bonus features paying cash and many operators implement their own special in-game bonuses.

Due to the popularity of live blackjack, most casinos offer some sort of bonus geared towards this particular game. However, you shouldn’t assume that it’s always the case. Newer sites may not have had the time to tailor their respective offers, so always be sure to check what’s available before diving into the action. 

Here at, we understand the needs of true live casino players because we’re players ourselves. We’ve faced the same issues with trying to convert generic bonuses and we’ve also frequently come across restrictive terms and conditions during our time playing. As such, we’ve dedicated our time and effort to locating genuine live casino bonuses that you can freely use to play your favorite games without hassle or restriction.

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